Steve McQueen in conversation

Ella Schlesinger, who is beginning a residency at CAST, shares her thoughts on Steve McQueen’s work after seeing him in conversation with Nicholas Serota at the Plaza Cinema in Truro.

‘Throughout our art education from the moment you get the go ahead, you
are repeatedly told to explain and storyboard your work and processes as you go
along. I feel these recited explanations have become overworked and
disconnected from my actual practice. So to witness the artist Steve
McQueen speak so honestly about his practice, recalling his thought
processes like forgotten doorways that you, alongside McQueen, begin
to unlock, instilled a fire in me to trust my artistic gut.

The humble inclusion into his works means there was no choice but to
open up the re- emerging questions and fears of McQueen. Looking to
some of his most early of works, you feel his physical presence, as
he throws himself into his videos and its purpose. However, as we
followed him onwards toward his most recent of features, he starts to
source more concrete stories to use as a pinhole into society. A
pinhole that represents the sorrow and weight of thousands. McQueen
however is not completely letting go of his presence within these newer pieces.
OK, so he might not be physically poking Charlotte Rampling’s face now but he is
taking on the burden of these projects in the hope to create truth.

Personally, sitting in this cinema on a slightly too early Sunday
morning, on one of my first days at this residency, I have been given the chance
to watch a man who has built his career on opening supposedly
locked doors, and hushed moments in our histories, which has lead to work
that provides an honest, present moment with his audience. A heavy
breath that translates to you a feeling from one person to another.’



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