Interlacing Ideas: A response to The Judges II

by Groundwork volunteer, Val Summers


How to relate the transient permanence of tectonic plates’ mobility?
By the reassuring projection of familiar images
On the awe inspiring mountainside
The resultant scars of earth shattering eruptions
And of man’s efforts to emulate the power of natural forces
Faces revealed in rock faces, gnarled and craggy
Predators and gods in scary sparkly stars in the deep space of the night sky
Tentacles of destruction, eruption
Mingle with the erode threads of time and inexorable motion
Time transforms
Gems to beaches
Sand into water torches
Burning through steel’s strength
Earths and sands become mineral dust
Transported with water to random painted images
Inspiring imaginings
Clay becomes twisted rock
Rocks reveal sparkling stars of crystal
Bringing forth memories of times below ground
Observing the living changes of planetary structure
And trundling ore trucks
Rock like bone structures reveal the afterlife of faces
Faces in the rocks
Rocks in the faces
Sands of time flowing
With water, explosions, rock impacts
Impossibly fast, impossibly slowly
Time in our lifetime
Emergency lifeline
Flowers that fade
Fruit that withers
 Tea table tectonic plates on temporary trestles
Hide underground structures
Under the nuclear perspective
Of a jellyfish jam pot
For a crumbly cream tea

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